JohnyB is originally from Baltimore but has lived and played all over the world. He started playing when he was 10. He mastered his craft by learning from renowned artist like The Allman Brothers Band, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, and of course Jimi Hendrix. He moved to Detroit after he turned 18 to become the front man for the band ‘Seduce’. Seduce opened for Saxon, Iggy Pop, and Motorhead in such places as Harpo’s. The band decided to go 3 piece and move to LA. Johny cleaned up his life from drugs and alcohol and started inspirational speaking. He traveled the world for almost 30 years helping people. He teamed up with Jimmy Mast leading to building a whole team for JJGunn’s success.

JR grew up in Ephrata, PA and has been a staple of the music scene for years. He’s been known to play with bands with little to no rehearsal and excel. He is known for his well refined ear. He joined JJGunn shortly after it’s foundation and hasn’t looked back. With inspiration from Jaco Pastorius, he has been apart of the foundation that makes up JJGunn’s sound.

Chuck started playing piano in 2nd grade and it quickly became his passion. He played in bands through his high school and college years. He majored in music education at Rowan University. He has learned and honed his skills to now being a keyboard player to be reckoned with. His transition from classic music to JJGunn’s rock/southern rock/blues sound has made him a valuable addition.

Jamie was born to play drums. He started playing with practice pads when he was 3 years old. He was 9 when he played his first live show. After pushing himself for a couple years, he was introduced to world class jazz drummer Clyde Lucas. Through Clyde’s influence his love for drums grew. He received a degree in drumming from the Berkley college of music and attended many drum camps and clinics around the country.”