Unsung Heroes (Official Music Video)

  • 3:58
  • 11/22/2017

Unsung Heroes is an inspirational thank you to all of our nations veterans, military, doctors, nurses, firefighter, and any other unsung heroes in your life.

Forever Yours

  • 3:43
  • 03/01/2017

JJGunn performing "Forever Yours" live! Thank you Davin Sheetz for taking the video. Please leave a like and subscribe for more videos!

Gunn Studios Promo

  • 5:19
  • 09/28/2017

This is a promotional video for Gunn Studios.

Got Better (Raw Rehearsal)

  • 2:59
  • 05/16/2015

Available for download on iTunes at and Amazon at

Unsung Heroes - Tribute to our military and veterans

  • 4:37
  • 03/28/2015

'Unsung Heroes', a tribute to our military and veterans. We thank you for your service! "Freedom isn't free!" Thanks to Phil Nicolo with Studio 4 Recording for recording and mastering this song!